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Experienced Environmental & Safety Training

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I want to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your invaluable support and guidance in maintaining a safe working environment. I’m delighted to share the news that our company has successfully completed six months without any safety incidents or accidents. This milestone could not have been achieved without your continuous oversight and expertise in safety regulations.

Inventory & Procurement Specialist

Inventory & Procurement Specialist

Local California Manufacturing Company

Why choose us

Businesses trust CDMS to deliver training that reflects our experience with California specific EHS regulations and enforcement trends.

  • High Quality – Learn from instructors who are deeply familiar with the regulations and trained on in person training.
  • Variety of Courses – We cover a whole range of trainings that industrial facilities need. Please see below for a list of trainings – If you need a training that is not in the list, please contact us and our experts will help you find a solution for it.
  • Tailored Content – Our experienced specialists work closely with each client to develop customized courses that address the specific hazards and risks at their facilities.

Training Formats

Over the years, we have delivered training in many formats for our clients and have learned that the ideal format is the one that is best suited for the client operations.

Our clients often use a combination of these formats based on what quits their staff and facility the best.

We offer:

  • Self-scheduled Web based training via the online Learning Management System portal.
    We have designed this system to be convenient for Operations and HR managers to send individual training links to their staff and easily track progress and maintain certificates and records of training received.
Visit CDMS Learning Management System Portal
  • In person training at your facility – We offer a suite of half hour or one hour trainings on an annual basis to meet regulatory requirements as well as short and more frequently delivered “tail-gate” or refresher trainings that help increase safety outcomes by keeping safety top of mind for your staff.
Visit our On-site training page
  • Group Webinars trainings – Schedule a webinar for your team to combine the convenience of learning online with the engagement of having a live, expert instructor, just like in a regular classroom. CDMS instructors utilize Q&A, and quizzes to deliver an effective, engaging training experience for your team.
Visit our Group Webinars trainings page

Training Topics

Visit Environmental and Safety training pages here to see a sampling of the trainings we offer:

View Environmental Training List
View Safety Training List

Contact us for a free Training Gap Assessment

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