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Skilled Nursing Facilities: New Regulations Demand 96-Hour Backup Power

New Bill AB2511 requires 96-Hour backup power for Skilled Nursing Facilities. Keep your facility safe by understanding California’s New Power Source Requirement.


Who does this apply to? 

All Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) across California are facing a significant shift in regulatory requirements with the introduction of Senate Bill AB 2511. A skilled Nursing facility is defined as a health facility that provides skilled nursing care and supportive care to patients whose primary need is for availability of skilled nursing care on an extended basis are subject to Senate Bill AB 2511.   


What needs to be done? 

Come January 1, 2024, SNFs need to comply with AB 2511, which emphasizes the importance of maintaining an alternative source of power. The definition of “alternative source of power” includes various options like emergency generators, large capacity batteries, and renewable electrical generation facilities. The goal of this is to protect residents’ health and safety during extended power outages. 


Why is the bill important? 

With over a thousand SNFs caring for approximately 400,000 Californians, AB 2511 addresses the vulnerabilities of residents relying on electrical-powered life support systems. The bill aligns regulations with the escalating frequency of power outages due to factors like wildfires, ensuring SNFs can withstand prolonged disruptions. 


Do EHS regulations apply? 

Most likely, depending on your type of system.  Let CDMS help you come into compliance by assisting with a determination of your regulatory requirements.