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About Us

CDMS. Your Trusted EH&S Compliance Management Partner

CDMS is a trusted provider of a full range of Environmental, Hazardous Material and OSHA Regulation compliance services to industrial facilities in California. CDMS’ services cover three basic areas:

  • Advising companies on Environmental Hazmat and OSHA regulations and implementing programs to bring them into compliance with these laws.
  • Maintaining on-going compliance with environmental hazmat and safety regulatory administrative requirements for companies.
  • Preparing and submitting environmental hazmat and safety regulatory reports and documentation for companies.

Comprehensive Compliance Solutions

We provide management of the environmental and safety program, determinations and reporting as well as employee training and periodic audits that ensures the facility compliance is maintained and any issues that come up are brought to the manager’s attention.

We are offering both ongoing and project oriented services in which CDMS not only advises, but actually develops, prepares, and implements most programs.

Expert support through Regulatory Challenges

CDMS is structured to be able to assist any industrial facility with a broad range of environmental and safety regulations. Due to the complexity of regulations in California, and the constant changes and additions to the regulations, it has become difficult for many companies to maintain a working knowledge of the laws and to stay in compliance with them. CDMS provides a service to bring companies into compliance with the Federal, State, and local environmental, hazardous material and OSHA laws, and to maintain compliance throughout the year.

CDMS delivers seamless EH&S compliance maintenance through regular site visits & ongoing audits, and by preparing and submitting required reports, conducting required training, etc. All programs and procedures are tailored to the client’s facility and processes.

We serve hundreds of industrial facilities throughout California.

Our customers can sign up for an ongoing service where we monitor both the changes in a wide range of regulations as well as changes in the manufacturing and other processes at customer sites and assist by determining whether a range of regulations would apply at the site and what would be required to comply with them.

Why choose CDMS?

At CDMS, we provide the highest quality compliance services to our clients. Our team brings expertise and professionalism to every project.