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Comprehensive Environmental Compliance Management

Experienced Environmental Compliance Support

  • Get peace of mind by having an experienced company determine which regulations apply to your company.
  • Lower violation penalties.
  • Get significant time and money savings by enrolling CDMS to manage EH&S programs for your facility.

Get help and support from environmental specialists who can assist with determining your facility’s environmental regulatory obligations and do the work needed to ensure your compliance. ​

We can assist in two ways​
  • On demand assistance: We can supplement your EH&S team with services like tank certifications by Professional Engineers, Industrial Hygiene assistance and developing plans/reports that are less common.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Management: Our services provide excellent value to your environmental and safety program without the expense of a full-time employee.​

Comprehensive Compliance Management​

California businesses are governed by myriad Federal, State and Local governmental EH&S rules and regulations. Figuring out which air, waste water, stormwater, hazardous material/waste, Cal OSHA and other regulations apply to a facility or industrial process and how to effectively comply with them is a serious challenge. Our Comprehensive Compliance Management service has been honed through decades of on-the-ground experience to assist companies with this.​

We provide Free Facility Walk-Throughs and Evaluations and develop a custom compliance service package for your facility that provides ongoing program management, reporting, permit maintenance, periodic audits and ongoing support from one of our Environmental and Safety Specialists working with you. ​

By combining this support and services into a predictable monthly subscription service, we are able to take the compliance load off your shoulders and offer considerable time and money savings over purchasing the services separately or managing them in-house by recruiting, training and managing a full time EH&S expert.​

Environmental Compliance Audit​

Environmental and Safety regulations applicable to California facilities are complex and numerous. CDMS specialists conduct site audits, interviews with personnel as well as a thorough evaluation of programs, plans, procedures and training documentation to identify compliance gaps and provide a detailed written report. We also assist with a prioritizing the list of specific actions needed to get back into compliance based on the common violations that are issued by CUPAs, OSHA, the Storm water board and other regulatory bodies.​

  • Evaluate the filing status of the state and local reports and plans including
    • Section 312 Tier I & II (EPA) Inventories
    • Section 313 (EPA) Form R
    • AB2588 Air Toxics reports
    • Waste Water Self-Monitoring Reports
    • Hazardous Waste Taxes
    • Hazardous Material Fees (Taxes)
    • State Biennial Report
    • Annual Emission Reports
    • Industrial Hygiene Air Monitoring Reports
    • Hazardous Waste Minimization Reports
  • Evaluation of all programs and methods as required by the Hazardous Material & Haz Waste regulations and other related regulations.
  • Training Programs
  • Monitoring and Inspection Program
  • Safety and Spill Equipment Methods and Schedules
  • Hazard Communication Plan
  • Evaluation of Emergency and Working Procedures with emphasis in the area of:
    • Hazardous Materials Handling Procedures
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Material Separation Procedures
    • Labeling Procedures
  • Evaluation of the status of existing and required Permits
    • Air Permits
    • County Hazardous Waste Generator Permit
    • Waste Water Discharge Permit
    • Hazardous Material Storage Permit
    • Tiered Permitting (On Site Hazardous Waste Treatment)
    • Storm Water Discharge permit
  • Review of Maps, Drawings, and Signs to determine the level of compliance:


Federal, State and local agency regulations require plans/reports and associated training to ensure the safety of the environment and the employees involved. Prevent ​violations, cost of extra reporting due to sampling errors, and ensure employee safety by using our Onsite or Webcast Environmental regulation trainings.

Plans, Govt. Reporting, Permitting​

​Complying with Environmental regulations is complex and can consume significant resources when handled in-house. CDMS can help assess whether your company is subject to CERS/Hazardous Material Plan, Tiered Permitting, Haz Mat Tank Certifications, SPCC, TRI Form R or other Plan preparation and reporting and our specialists can handle it for you in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Hazardous Materials ​

Hazardous Materials receiving, handling, storage, treatment, shipping are all heavily regulated because of both the environmental and safety implications of not working with them appropriately. Our specialists can help assess your exposure to violations and litigation by conducting audits and help you implement the appropriate signage, training, plan preparation and other measures to minimize risk.


CDMS specialists have experience in sampling air, water and soil, properly packaging the collected samples, sending them to testing facilities, interpreting the results and communicating with regulatory bodies on behalf of our customers.

New Facility, Ownership change & Facility Closures

New Facility Occupancy

When a company moves into a facility, either from another facility or opening a new facility, they need to make sure all the permits and related compliance documentation is in place. Not having certain items in place can cause delays in occupying or beginning operations, which can cost companies money.
CDMS has extensive experience with California and Local regulatory permitting and reporting requirements for new facilities and the appropriate timeline for working on them in order to ensure that the commencement of operations is not held up.

Contact us to request a free assessment of the specific requirements for your facility.

Ownership change

Change in ownership of a company operating in a facility requires updates to and with CUPA registration, Sanitation District Waste Water permits, air permits, storm water permit and many other environmental and safety permits and plans. CDMS has decades of experience with the Federal, State and Local requirements during ownership change and can assist you in staying compliant following the transition.

Facility Closures

When a facility which has hazardous materials on site closes, there are some specific regulatory requirements that the facility must do. This will vary, depending on what the facility was doing and the extent of any potential contamination.

  • Closure Plans
  • Tiered Permitting Unit Closure
  • Facility Decontamination
  • Wipe Sampling
  • Soil and Groundwater sampling
  • Project Management
  • Permit Closures
  • Interfacing with Regulatory Agencies