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Stormwater Sampling: Planning ahead for Regulatory Compliance

These last two winters have produced record rainfall, and there were plenty of qualifying storm events (QSE) for each of our clients to produce sufficient samples to comply with their reporting requirements under their Industrial Stormwater General Permit.  However, we found that some clients did not obtain the requisite number

Understanding PFAS: Addressing the Forever Chemicals

The EPA is becoming increasingly concerned about PFAS, dangerous chemicals found in various products that cause chronic health problems.  Many suppliers are starting to require businesses to ensure they don’t have PFAS in their products.    Find out if your company is at risk and how CDMS can help.    Pfas Testing 

Backup Generators EHS Regulations in CA: How to Stay Compliant

Do you know which EHS regulations apply to your business’s backup power generators?  With bills like AB 2511 and AB 944 coming into effect, many businesses are both being required and choosing to install backup generators but have not considered the regulatory requirements associated with them.  Let CDMS help you

EPA Biennial Report 2024: Who needs to file and what to do

The next Biennial Report will be due on March 1, 2024. If you generate a significant amount of hazardous waste, you may qualify.      Who Qualifies? Federal regulations mandate the completion and submission of a EPA Biennial Hazardous Waste Report, also known as the “Biennial Report,” or an equivalent state

Rain Logs: A proactive way to document Stormwater Compliance

CDMS has seen an increase in private entities taking legal action against companies who fail to sample 4 times per year.    Industrial facilities are increasingly seeing lawsuits filed against them for not taking a sufficient number of samples in addition to other purported violations of the Industrial General Permit (IGP).